Busy Bees

Pretty colourful flowers on the outside...

... cute happy little bees on the inside.

Have a great and productive start of the week to you!

Multicolor Cherry Clutch

The fabrics above along with a pattern to make a purse, I bought from an online site more than two years ago. Somehow, in between moving to Singapore and back to KL again, they got lost in the shuffle and was finally discovered by my mom last week while cleaning the linen closet.

When I first received them in the mail, I was discouraged by the thick instruction booklet. 
You have to do what? 
What's this sticky thing that I need to use to make this? 
Oh no, how do I measure this times by this times by... aarrghh too many things to do! It looked really simple online!

Recently, I had a conversation with Azua and Neni regarding handbag organisation and how the three of us do not believe in handbag organiser. We prefer little bags. And I looked at my little bags. Ugh, they were all ugly zippy ones compared to theirs. Which was why I was so adamant that I figure this thing out and produce a clutch by the end of the day, come what may. I even faced one of my biggest fears - the sewing machine. The last time I operated a sewing machine was during Kemahiran Hidup (which was aeons ago) where I almost lost a finger trying to sew a stupid pencil case. 


I did it! Believe me, I was amazed myself that I managed to make this on the first try and from scratch. From tracing the pattern to fitting in the hardware frame. And I laughed myself silly when I read the booklet because the instructions were actually really easy. If only I had paid attention and not be so easily deterred. 

So since I am now super, super inspired and excited to make another clutch, I got myself some new fabrics!

Both of these fabrics are just too pretty that I can't decide if I want the bees or the wild flowers to be the exterior part of the clutch. What do you think? Which one would you use as a lining?

Skyscrapers On Your Feet

Via here
These Jimmy Choo Tame Crystal Embellished Suede pumps shall be on my wish/bucket list! How can they not when they are regaled with sparkles and glitz all over their soles as well as toe area, enveloped in rich cobalt blue which reminds me of... skyscrapers at night! At $2,495 or (gulp) RM7,604, I can only look at them from afar longingly.

If the hefty price tag was not an issue, would you get these for yourself?

JLo And I

I heard JLo's concert was awesome! Too bad I missed it. I really wanted to go though, but SB was not interested so I asked around if any of my friends were going. Unfortunately, many of them were booked either for weddings or work related events. 

Every time I listen to JLo (pre-Marc Anthony), it will bring me back to my university years. Even now I can almost recall the musty pond right in front of my room window, my then roommate Anne ironing her headscarf, Syikin trying on my sandals to match her outfit for her date, Adry from the room next door whispering and giggling on the phone with her bf and all these happening while JLo playing in the background loudly. 

Some of my favourite JLo's tunes:

We were always, always up to something. Our favourite activity? "Overnight"! Usually it's not a planned thing. We would rent a car and oh-look-it's-past-curfew-how-can-we-go-back-now. Oh, well. An overnight would start with:
  1. A dinner. Depending on the budget and the itinerary, it could be from a RM3 meal to the most lavish that we could afford i.e. Chili's (rare occurance, this one).
  2. If it's Thursday, the next stop would be the clubs i.e. Orange (during its heyday, not the yucky era), Nouvo, Zouk, Beach Club, Modesto's to name a few. Why Thursday? Because ladies get in for free, of course!
  3. If it's not Thursday, we would play board games either in La Bodega, Insomnia or have supper at Suzy's Corner, Naili's, NZ or window shop at Uptown.
  4. If money was not a problem, then we would all chip in and get a hotel room to kill one or two hours before dawn.
  5. Or if we were short of cash, we would just drive around KL until wee hours (no money but still had the desire to have fun outside the campus! Tsk tsp tsk).
  6. Around 7 am, we would stop by the mamak's or maplay for breakfast before heading back to campus. After returning the rented car, some of us would go straight to class or would just crash in bed to get the needed zzz.
I still don't know how we managed to party till morning and still make it to classes. So full of vigour (and carelessness)! 

Now, I can't even keep my eyes open to pass midnight. I have to really prep and hype myself (as a boxer would before his fighting rounds) to not fall asleep during events or late night shows. I wake up really early in the morning and turned in really late at night to complete all house chores because I can't do that when Lulu is awake so by the time I'm done, all I want to do is just hit the sack. 

Where did all the energy go? When did I trade impromptus for carefully planned lunches? Have I really grown older and out of touch not to be excited when a friend invites me for a party? 

What a different lifestyle I'm living right now. 

And I don't mind a bit. In fact, I love it.  

weekend roundup

  1. Reading up on floral arrangements from newly purchased book titled Cupcakes and Cashmere: A Guide For Defining Your Style, Reinventing Your Space, And Entertaining With Ease by the popular lifestyle blogger Emily Schuman.  
  2. My print on print outfit; Azorias Chevron shrug cardie with sheer back on H&M shift dress...
  3. ... to match Lulu's print on print outfit.
  4. In a hospital wearing 9 West strappy sandals waiting for my sister.
  5. My first time witnessing a Ceylonese Indian wedding. Amazing!
  6. I love Najib Ali since the days of Asia Bagus! This was taken during the first episode of the latest season Astro's Mega Maharaja Lawak.
  7. Watching AIM at my place. Neni cringed in horror watching the performers butchered her favorite song. Or was it when Marsha came out dancing weirdly? Can't remember.
  8. Flowers I bought to uplift the day.
  9. Excited waiting for Lulu's custom made shoes from Ash Burn DeSign. by Ash Majid.
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